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Quotes by JustinBieberprmsecretlova14

no i miss the guy i thought you were

hy cant you see.?
        you are the only one for me.
        why cant you see how much i am in love you.?
        in case you havent noticed; ;
        i have.
        the way you look at me; ;
        the way you smile
        the way you laugh, so light and painless
        or how you light up when i walk into the room.
        cant you see.?
        we are supposed to be t.o.g.e.t.h.e.r
        or are you blind from "love".
        that girl is not right for you.

        why cant you see.? youve got it all wrong
        yeah;; you say you love me;;
        yeah you say you cant live without me;;
        & yes. you even say how you cant ignore me;;
        but how many times do you say that to her.?
        you may not be able to see it;;

ut everyone else does.
i don't know how to say this;
i x love x you. it seems like you love x her
~ ♥ ~
i don't know how to say this;
i x love x her;; but as much as i do i feel the same ( for you ) . any one of your friends could tell you . i wish i could say something to you;; i really do;; but it could make me lose the people i love the most. i'm unsure of whats important; everythings becoming so confusing. i think its because of how much i love you. i can always tell when you're mad at me;; when you're mad at someone else. i miss you more than you know it. really, i hate not being with you. help me be the person you know [ i can be. ]

anyone good at making quotes?
i really need a break up quote written about my situation comment for the situation. please it would mean alot if you could help me
anyone good with advice? i need help with a guy really really badly!! please comment my profile if you think you can help me
I'm The Girl

I'm the girl
that you see every day
sitting alone
with nothing to say

I'm the girl
with a broken heart
because i fell in love with you
from the start

I'm the girl
without any friends
because instead of them
i chose him

I'm the girl
tha thas cuts on her wrist
the girl that has a smile
with a hidden twist

I'm the girl
with a lonely heart
because when you left
my world fell apart

I'm the girl
who's scars show
i'm the girl
that no one knows

&& for the first time since he broke her heart
ü she smiled ü
&& 1 day,
your going to turn around and for once,
i will not be there. I will be with him,
Justin Bieber or someone way
better than you ever be.
and that day you'll finally wake up
and smell the coffee because the girl who loved
you with all her heart..you know the girl
you rejected.... yeah she'll finally be happy
and for the first time ever she wont be thinking of
'Cause I still believe in destiny
That you and I were meant to be
I still wish on the stars as they fall from above
'Cause I still believe
Believe in love