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Hi i'm Courtney.

Quotes by JustxLetxThingsxBe

I can't wait for the day when 
I stop pretending that i'm really
okay when i'm just not. 

So what if two people that just 

started dating said I love you? 

What if they loved each other

before they started dating? So, 

when someone says "You just 

started dating, you don't love

her" It's wrong, because you 

don't really know. So, shut up.



              & He Finally Asked Me Out Today 



 If I could do it all over again, knowing the
 outcome, I would because for one moment
 you                             made me feel wanted. 


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       No. If you're reading this.
                  You're a 10.

 There has to be more to the
story than this. It can't be the 
end. It just started

He Said:

I never stopped liking you. 

Stupid huh?

I said:

I didn't either.. stupid huh?


I have made a Tumblr just for witty. <3

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I’m not saying girls are perfect,
because we all know that’s not
true. But why be unfaithful to
her if she was true to you?