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Quotes by Juz_Zum_Zombie

I'm never gonna let you close to me
Even though you mean the most to me
'Cause every time I open up, it hurts
So I'm never gonna get too close to you
Even when I mean the most to you
In case you go and leave me in the dirt

Last night, 

I stood up to you,
I told you how much you hurt me on a daily basis. 
I was fearless, and not afraid to walk away because the insecurity that I would never find somebody else disappeared. 
I started packing my bags, I took the money I made to support us, I called a taxi and as I was walking out the door, you were crying and begging me to stay and apologizing with promises you were going to change, but I turned my head and kept walking because this was something I've heard before. 
I got into the taxi, I didn't even wave goodbye or give it a second thought. 
I arrived at the airport on time for my departure, got on the plan with plans and hope for a new life that doesn't involve your emotional abuse and harsh words. 
I arrived in California ready to begin a new life, as you came running towards me with a gun, and just like that 

I woke up.

Boys always fantasize 
about the bad girls, 

but end up chasing
the good ones. 

Only to end up
craving the bad girl
once again,

temptation leading
into actions,

that turn into a

broken heart.   

One year ago,

I couldn't imagine
my life without you
Today, I fantasize about it. 

  Do you even notice when
I'm crying right
in front of you?

Do you even care that
you're the reason?

I love how sweet the first bite of new love tastes, the fresh breath of air you take after. The way it becomes addictive, something you can't see yourself living without.

But it seems that over time,

it becomes sour,

and after each bite

the sweetness just starts to

into a bitter aftertaste

that I can no longer stomach

It's become rotten and now has to be forgotten, tossed away just as anything that has spoiled over time.

I hate you 
I love you

hate that I love you 
you want her 

you need her
and I'll never be her

You don't have to say anything. 

Your eyes tell me what

wont roll off of your lips

Looking out my window, 
knowing that I should go 

yet even when I pack my bags
something always
holds me back...

when I get the strength to leave 
you, always tell me that you need me
And I'm weak cause I believe you
And I'm mad because I love you
So I stop and think that maybe
You can learn to appreciate me
Then it all remains the same that
You ain't never gonna change