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                                                             my names Alyssa
i do JV cheerleading
                                                                                           chilling in the pool
i just turned 13 years young 

                                                                                  i like one direction and               

                                                                                                allstar weekend
wayne eagles
one of a kind
first place is ours
one more time

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Lost, but NEVER
Cleaning your shoes more then your room

Comment your name and i will do the exercise .....
A- 10 starjumps
B- 1 glass of water
C- Run around my garden twice
D- Run around the inside of my house
E- 10 jumps
F- Run around my garden 7 times
G- 5 pushups
H- go up and down the stairs 5 times
I- 2 glasses of water
J- do 10 teddy bear rolls
K- Do 3 forwards rolls
L- score a goal with a football
M- jog for 3 minutes
N- do the macalana
O- Run around the garden once
P- play catch with a ball
Q- Go on my bike for 5 mins
R- 20 step ups
S- Run on the spot for 2 mins
T- Play a game outside
U- Random
V- Hop on 1 leg for 1 minute
W- You can choose 3 of these activities
X- jog for 5 minutes
Y- do 3 backwards rolls
Z- 20 starjumps

Please, Just comment your name....

why do people think us directioners are so mean???
 i get that there are these girls that will go above and beyond ti protect the boys.
but poeople are portraying us as these b!tches that dont care about others.
yeah some directioners are like that but like 1 out of 100 are. so many of the directioners ive meet are soo nice and conciderite. so tell me again why your letting the rare directioners define our steirotype ?

i love to get my jumps higher every day(highlight)

 My goodbye speech in social studies today?
later beatches


people keep
asking me what i want

for my birthday
and I say stupid things  like an ipod case
but inreality,
ALL i want is


Thank you dentist for molesting my teeth for 45 mins.

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{If you are reading this}
God is testing you so repost this and
he will fix two BIG things tonight in your life
if you believe in him repost

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Anybody wanna be my
Witty bestfriend?? 
Any age but im
if it matters
i doubt this will happen
im not
"witty popular"