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what do you mean no pets allowed this is my sister
pros of dating me:
you're dating me
cons of dating me:
you're dating me

A few weeks ago

a girl with a very heavy backpack fell randomly on the floor,
with all her stuff spilling everywhere,
and an embarrassed look on her face.
one of the most popular girls came up to her and helped
her up and picked up all her stuff ignoring
the laughing from the other popular kids. She gives me hope.

if yahoo answers can't solve your problem then you're in too deep

When a book does not
adequately describe a character, so you just fill in the blanks but later you actually get a description so you just want to shout, "WRONG! YOU HAD YOUR CHANCE AND NOW YOU ARE WRONG!"

If a boy pays attention to me I'll fall in love for about a week.
It's weird how it's socially acceptable to put someone else's genitals in your mouth but eating a Dorito off the floor after a few seconds is gross what a fcking double standard
Me: Time to color the ocean blue.
Blue crayon: *Magically turns purple and ruins drawing*

Me: hops on that D
Me: quickly hops off because i forgot that the Hollywood sign is actually really high off the ground


how do mermaids have babies
why didn’t tarzan have a beard
why didn’t aladdin have nipples