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Long Live The Walls That Crash Down <3


The name is Kara(:
I'm 13 and love to have fun!
Birthday's Oct. 1st (:
Boy's are dumb..
They Break you're heart way to much
But I'll never stop liking them ♥
Witty completes my life..nbd(:
I've been throught alot so
I can understand you guys ♥
I don't post quotes..
and when I do its rare(:
I love being inspired by all the Wittian's
I'm OBSESSED with country music♥♥
Scotty McCreery is my love and always will be♥
I also love pop and rap too! dont get me wrong(:
I have 3 sisters and 1 brother && I'm the youngest
I'd love to help any of you out with Anything!
(except for school!!!)
I have the most amazing friends EVER♥
But that doesnt stop me from making new ones(:
I'm always free and open to talk to you girls!




We're not perfect; any of us. We make mistakes; we screw up but then; we forgive and move forward♥




KMDUCHEK's Favorite Quotes

I Just Want One Day
Were I
Wake up happy
And Stay



- Lil Wayne


nmf,credit to idance.

Normal heart-beat


When I'm with
>> HIM <<

I don't have a type.
If I like you, I like you.

when  your crush in is your class
and you are studying the back of his head.
;)  we all do it.


"The problems of today
  will be the jokes of tomorrow"

                                                                         ~Daniel Radcliffe<3

Dear Boys,
if we talk to you, laugh at your stupidest jokes, and stare at you... A LOT, then chances are, we like you.
Sincerely, Girls
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Did I really just get my homework done,



You're as hot as the bottom of my laptop.