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Umm hi, I'm Miranda . . . My Username Meaning: KT stands for Keep Trying, they aren't initials or a shorter way of spelling Katie. And obviously 143 means I love you. Basically my username means keep trying for love, if that makes any sense. Oh and I really love giraffes!

(Sometime in November)
I'm currently watching Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, like at this very moment, right here, right now on this very couch of mine. It's a very intense movie you know and it is quite good too.

Ron: Follow the spiders! Why couldn't it have been follow the butterflies.
Spoken like a true hero.

who are you,

you are not a name
or a height, or a weight
or a gender
you are not an age
and you are not where you
are from

you are your favorite books
and the songs stuck in your head
you are your thoughts
and what you eat for breakfast
on saturday mornings

you are a thousand things
but everyone chooses
to see the million things
you are not

you are not
where you are from
you are
where you are going
and i'd like
to go there

This is absolutely one of the best comments I have ever gotten:
bunnylover43 at 8:19pm March 11, 2013 on quote #6670904
Since you said that, I feel the need to comment on your quote. Hi! I like your quotes they are really good:) I'm bunnylover43 I don't know if I have ever talked to you before. I have a short memory don't feel offendended, I'm a fast typer, I like pickles, I am strange procrasinator.......lalalallalalalLALALALALA....Thats how I sing tghrought a computer, I make no sense, I have a cat do you have a cat? One time a guy asked me how to get out of walmart, It waqs strange, One time this woman told me she couldn't have suger HOW CAN'T YOU HAVE SUGAR! I'm from new york but sometimes I like to talk like I'm british, Ello! I like cats, I plan to live with them in the future, My ipad calls me the Forever alone crazy cat lady, I'm 13 how old are you, I sound like one of those children you just want to get away from but all they keep doing is talking, GOSH I'M SUCH A CHILD! I like music. I have an invisible boyfriend his name is bob. I got my cat off of craigslist, It was weird. One time this guy came up to my girl scout troop and was like would you like to work out at my gym? IT WAS STRANGE! I like watching jenna marbles, grav3yardgirl and glozell on youtube, I should go now this conversation is full of useless information about my strange life, I should be on my strange addiction, But how would I do that? I would have to eat deodorant or something strange like that...eww,okay, bye for now have a TROPICANA day or night, or afternoon. I think I spelt a lot of words wrong...oh well....:D