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Heeeey. (: I'm Kaela.
I'm sixteen, an only child and in 11th grade.
Quotes describe my life.
I try to be the best I can be and always be there when someone needs it.
I'm a very different person, but in some ways, I'm just like everyone else.
I accept peoplefor who they are, no matter what they look like.
I'm a little kid at heart.
I'm a writer and I've been in some sort of choir since the 4th grade.
I'm Christian so I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't judge me. (:
Ohh, thank you for favoriting my quotes; I appreciate it. :D


Quotes by KaelaBettyLynn67

1. Loving 
2. Caring, most of the time
3. Hilarious
4. Protective
5. Loveable
6. Assertive
7. Aggressive 
8. Amazing
9.Understanding about some stuff
10. Sweet
11. Romantic
12. Inspiring
13. Honest
14. Trusting
15. Hopeful
16. Helpful
17. A good listener
18. Can hide his feelings really good
19. Thinks too much
20. Insecure

1. Loving
2. Caring
3. Understanding about pretty much everyhing
4. Loveable
5. Hilarious
6. Sweet
7. I know he cares
8. He tells me everything
9. He's open with me
10. Trusting
11. Inspiring
12. Reassuring
13. Reasonable
14. Doesn't compete
15. Doesn't judge
16. Conisderate
17. Forgiving
18. Thinks things through
19. Amazing
20. Protective

The thing is...they're best friends...and I can't ruin that, I can't..I'm dating Kyle, like I have been, but I still don't know what to do...and I could go on and on with that list for both of them....
~I'm closer with Andy and Andy stared being there for me more than Kyle was about a month  after Kyle and I got together. Andy and I talk all the time, we hardly fight, we have silly arguments, we laugh all the time, we can talk about anything at any time, It's nor weird being on Skype and not saying anything, he's never let me down even when I deserved it, he's been a really good best friend about being there when Kyle and I were having a lot of problems, I don't have to guess that he cares; I just know he does, I spend most of my time talking to him, but that's probably because he has a phone.. He's never lied to me and gets along with my dad really good; they talk on Skype when he and I Skype.
~Kyle...We got super close from the day we started talking, we've talked every day since then, take a few away, but still, that's a lot. On Christmas last year, he stayed up with me until 5am dealing with drama, he used to understand everything, I was able to tell him anything without him getting mad and I could be myself. He makesme laugh all the time, even if I'm mad at him. He's a really sweet guy, but I never know when or if he cares, but that's probably from some things he said when we were fighting..He's never lied to me and when we laugh, we laugh hard, even if it's over something stupid. He gets along with my dad perfectly and has the same sense of humor as him, so that makes it a lot better. We've been distant lately and it's killing me..
- I love them both with my entire heart and I can't picture my life without either of them. I'm not going to pick between them, and if they were or are jeaous of each other then I told them they need to get over it because if they can't, then that's their problem. I'm not dropping one for the other..My heart is confused and I don't wanna ruin their friendship or hurt one of them. Andy knows Kyle is the boulder between us, but Kyle and I have been a lot closer for a lot longer. I don't wanna screw anything up and I've been sitting here, pushing everything away and not talking about it because I don't wanna realize what I need to ...I just don't know what to say or think or do. I don't usually ask for help, but this is something I need thought out opinions on..So please, give me your opinions...Thank you
I need some advice and I don't usually go to people for advice so it must be a really big deal...

I'm dating this guy[Kyle] for 7 months as of today [October 6th] and it's falling apart...I'm best friends with his best friend [Andy] and Andy told me today that he's in love with me..I've had a crush on Andy, but it's nothing something I would do anything about. I wouldn't date him and I wouldn't be anything but best friends with him because I wouldn't screw Kyle over like that. Kyle gets jealous of Andy and I because Kyle and I are having a really rough time right now and I guess Andy and I are all happy and joking around. But we're not. Kyle always tells me to go to bed and tells me when I don't know things and always has to be first and right. I told him how I really felt and that Andy and I were worried about him. He didn't know what to say. Kyle really hurt me the other day and Andy was the one who called me and listened to me and talked things out with me because Kyle wouldn't...Andy said Kyle's going back to the 10th grade jerk that he was before...and I can't handle that. I love Kyle with everything in me, but not everyone you fall in love with is someone you're meant to be with...and a lot of people are saying that I should be with Andy and sometimes, I wonder if I should be. A lot of coinsidences have been happening with Andy, love songs, and a lot of break up songs with Kyle...I'm just so confused and none of this may make any sense..but I just...I don't even know...I just need some advice...please...

-And I know someone is gonna tell me to follow my heart...and my heart is in more than a thousand pieces, so it doesn't know what to do...

Just curious:

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It's really making me upset when I see quotes like, "Shut up, your heart isn't broken. If it was, you'd be dead."

Does it make any sense that it's a figure of speech? It doesn't really mean their heart is broken..It's showing how hurt they really are.

I thought Witty was a non-judgemental place...
My cousin's Facebook status: 
Found out this afternoon that one of the neighborhood boys can't play with Carlos because of the color of his skin...

Am I the only one who thinks judging others by their skin color is completely wrong?

Sorry, just VERY mad right now..

You might have hurt me a little too much and a little too often,
but why do I have to stop loving you?

I try my hardest just to forget

Can you guys do me a favor?

Tomorrow is my dad's birthday and he's 60...yes, 60.
But his age doesn't mean anything to me, he's still the best daddy in the whole world.

Could you please favorite this for me so I can show this to him?

It would mean the world to me. :D