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Quotes by Kamileon

And they're gone with only a single goodbye. 
Nothing else.

So long to My Chemical Romance.
To the other fans:
Keep in touch 

as long as you live.
For there will never be a band
greater than them.
"It's your heart.
You outta
take it with
What did I do to deserve so many friends?
I don't know who's telling random people across the world to add me on Facebook, but seriously, it's freaking me out.
I mean, I don't think I've ever talked to them before.

“Remember kid,
there’s heroes and there’s legends.
Heroes get remembered but legends never die,
follow your heart kid,
and you’ll never go wrong.”
How wrong they were when they said,
           "You'll never make it,"
and to see their faces 
            when we suceeded
She   was   just   like   she   was
It's when you argue with yourself on the internet that they all begin to worry...
Amazing things happen
When you are trying to find lost things in your bedroom.

And no matter how f//cked up your day is,
Whose Line will always make it better.
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