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Oheey, I'm Keshanda (:

and i'm trying to become a better person.

perth/15/taken<3/fuck you

+ Chances are I probably don't mean half as much as you mean to me.
+I'm on the pursuit of hapiness.
+ Dancing takes my mind off things.
+ I hate my name :l
+ I've had had one too many people tell me they loved me, and left.
+ I'm sorry if I don't live up to your expectations.
+ I have ridiculously low self esteem and I am extremely insecure.
+ If you knew what went on in my head, you'd never look at me the same.
+ Fuck the people who want to fuck you over.
+ I don't take compliments well.
+ I'm terrified of growing up, I want to stay young forever.
+ I love songs with meaningful lyrics.
+ My boyfriend is amazing; we've been through alot together and I love him <3
+ I believe that sometimes, good things fall apart so better things can fall together.
+ Caring about people always seems to get me hurt.
+ Music is the only thing I can always count on. <3

I may look happy,
but honestly dear

the only way I'll really smile
is if you cut me ear to ear.


 I absolutely adore making new friends,
So comment me? :D

I don't bite. Unless you want me to ;)


Quotes by Kandiie


It is loneliness that makes the loudest noise.


The walls we build around ourself to keep out the sadness,
also keep out the joy.


I want to cut open my veins.


how do you know
how deep to go
before it's real? 

But everything is so right
That  something  must  be wrong .


I'm constantly torn between telling people how I really feel,
and keeping it to myself.
Because, what's better? To let it out, and have people think
you're overdramatic, attention seeking, and crazy,
or to pretend you're fine, and drown in your own mind.

nmq, nmf.

Everyone is a little damaged inside.


They say  that  love  is  forever,
You  forever  is   all  that  I   need
Please stay as long as you need.
 Can't promise that things won't be broken
But  I   swear  that  I  will  never  leave.
Please stay, forever with me.



I'll close my eyes
and dream of days
when I wasn't all alone.


All I am, is yours.