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Hey there! Well I see that you have found my little page on witty!(: Well for starters My name is Kara. I got this amazin best friend, Frano (FranoButchelle on here, go check out her page! ;D) I honestly have no clue what I would do without her. She is like my other half. Shes helped me with everything from break-ups to family troubles. She basicly gets me through life. I could go on forever :p Haha. Hmmm, what else should  talk about... Oh yeah! Well theres this guy. He means a lot to me. More than any other guy ever has. He is everything that I''ve ever wanted in a guy. We have only known each other for a little window of time but, still he means so much to me. This quote is so true "Love isn't about finding someone that you can live with, its about finding someone that you can't live without". If you ever have a problem with anything or need advice, I'd love to help you! (: Byeeee! <3

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& tonight i had my first kiss

& who else doesn't like the 'new' version of witty?

i love him

Looking at your tan lines and thinking "Was I really that pale?".

I'm so happy to call him mine

If your blonde, then hold
your cursor over
this quote

Grow up but, don't give up

-Katy Perry

Thank-you for believeing in my weirdness

-Katy Perry

Don't like me?
That's okay 'cause I don't wake up every day, and try to pease you.

I love how #1

On facebook, when people do tbh's they are
hardy ever honest..