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Quotes by Karkam

she came to school and smiled. she laughed. she hid all then pain inside of her so well. until he saw the cuts on her finger. one day she had one. the next she had three. Then four. People never asked because thats whats wrong with society today, no one cares unless they have something you want. Popularity , new technogly, you know a secret of theirs. Then one day he asked " Are you okay? Your cat doesn't seem to like you" He knew she lied when she said " Im fine" because he had his own cat that hated him.
I have sever depression.
She had the world on a string , it floated above her like a baloon. Then society pushed her and she fell, and it hurt. Her world on her string no longer floated and soon came crashing down.
Me in school without any internet.
Me: Is this real life?
Things Girls LIke#165

Things Girls LIke#164

The A Team.
Could you please read my WattPad story?
Its called " Unexpected Events"
Baby Girl dry your eyes please.
Can I heal your wounds?
Will you tell me your story how you became like this?
Will you trust me?
But promise me. Please never give up on living.
Are you alright?
Don't lie.
Say no of your not.
because if your not I will try my hardest to make you alright.
Was it really that hard to think I could make it all alone being me? You thought id come back to you. desprate, crying, needy. Was it always that hard to think i could do anything on my own? Until the day you saw me happy without you.