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Hey. They call me Karley. I'm thirteen years young & I blow out the candles the day after Valentines Day. Im from a smallll town in Wisconsin. I cut and I have a minor eating disorder. So I understand if you ever wanna talk. I love glitter, summer nights and Simple Plan. Im constantly getting compared to my best friend, shes better than me at everything & it actually hurts a lot. Im usually really friendly and I love meeting new people so you should totally comment on my wall if your ever bored(: Alrighty, Byeeee
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Quotes by KarleyAnn

I hate myself.




We need to stop turning to self harm every time something bad happens.
 And I need to stop being a hypocrite.



This is the story of a girl, who cried a river and drown the whole world.


Normal people just don't understand what goes through my head.



I don't want to be dead because I'm unhappy. I'm just curious.


I cut because if I dont take the anger out on myself,

 I'd take it  out on you.


 Hi, soooo..

 I need a Witty bestfriend...

 Any takers?!


Don't think to much.

 You'll create a problem that wansn't even there in the first place.

'Cause I'm just a teenage dirtbag, Baby.