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Well hia! I'm Karra:)
I'm sixteen and live in England. Yes, my hair colours el natural.
I have blue eyes
and the most amazing boyfriend in the world.

10 months and counting

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Quotes by KarraLouise

Getting punched in the face and kneed in the stomach by someone you dont know is a right

-lost the baby my boyfriend didn't know about...

Really want some friends on Witty...
anyone want a chat..? :)

Babe, if you took off half of your make up you'd be atleast
four pounds lighter.


Nothing is impossible

the word 'impossible' its self say's

'I'm possible'

The past is the past,
that's where it should stay.

She was just
another one.

Girls that fake pregnancy just to get there "MAN" back,
need a straight kick in the face.

Richard Taylor. Died of a heart attack in his sleep with the woman he loved dearly laying next to him. while he was flying up to heaven his family was crying their eyes out for the man who's just left this world.

it doesnt take long to press a button, so please just click the heart.


My bestfriends step dad died 5 nights ago.
she is one of the best things thats ever happened to me.
Your probably thinking that oh its her step dad, its not that important but to her it is.
She's at school crying her eyes out. I hate seeing this water run from her eyes
Favourite this to show her people are out there to talk to, and that people are behind her. Please.
it doesnt take long to press a button, so please just click the heart.
you'd make a very upset girls day.

never trust a pretty girl with an ugly secret...