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hi i'm kat

Quotes by Kat0001

Do you wanna know her?
Do you wanna try?
her life's a little compilacted.
let me tell you why,
she feels uunloved, 
she feels unwanted,
she cries 6 times a day,
her heart is nearly broken,
shes in a lot of pain.....

Do you still wanna know her?
Do you still wanna try?
I'm like a crayon. I may not be the prettiest color, but one day you'll need me to finish the picture.
I'm not clumsy. The floor just hates me the table and chairs are bullies and the the wall gets in my way.
                            They say nothing is impossible 
                              But I've been doing it for years
    *Random person in the middle of the night*: Are you asleep?
 Me: No, I' m just training for when I'm dead.

I always wonder if..
someone can hear me chewing while eating something crunchy.
                                           All I ever wanted was   
                                                                                          the world


Repost this if you love your dad. If you don't

he'll die in 12 days.♥

i love my dad too much.  
Just two more days of school...just two more days
                                           You don't like me?
                                            Big fu/cking deal