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It's my birthday im 12 now
I have to get mouth surgery. comment if u have had mouth surgery before.
Fave if your fave Wizards of Waverly Place character is Alex or Harper
Comment if your fave Wizards of Waverly Place character is Max or Justin
I'm watching Wizards of Waverly Place so I will be caught up when the next episode comes out.
Comment :|] and see what happens
I told my brother that i had a new follower on witty.And my mom freaked out because she thinks this site is full of creepy old men and now i can't take trips to paris with my friends beause she saw in a movie that these girls got raed in paris and me and my best briend have been saving money to go to paris for the last 2 years i guess we can go shopping. fave if ur not a creepy old man.
In study hall today they called me Katuna Peasent my real name is Katura(ka-ter-a).
It's 2013 and I going to get skinnier,fall in love recklessly,I'm going to man out with someone I don't know and someone I do know,and become a new person that's a bi.tch but u love.
When I return to school on Wednesday I want to be asked out by my crush and be a new person.