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Quotes by Kat525

1 Day til Christmas!!Yeah
2 Days til' Christmas
Have you ever stopped everything your doing just to find your iPod
Since my parents are divorced I'm opening my presents from my mom today and then on Christmas I'm opening my presents from my dad.I love Christmas.Thanks God for all you' 've done for us.
3 Days til' Christmas
Pretty Little Liars Lines(1)

 Hanna:She can' t hear us she's blind.

2013 Bucket List
1)get a skinnier body
2)get closer 2 God
3)b honest for a day
4)volunteer more
5)eat less
6)b nicer 2 ppl
7)spend more time with my dad
8)help children in need
9)do something I'm terrified 2 do
10)fall in love recklessly
my brother told me to stop acting smart with him so I said fine I''ll act dumb with you.

True story
Apple was going to make a smaller I pod for kids until they realized that "Itouch kids" sounded really wrong and awkward.

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