Status: I wish he new how I feel about him.
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Quotes by Kat525

You may hate me
You may hate yourself for bringing me in your life
But face it I've made your life better
At 11:11 wishes don't come true because if they did I'd already have you.
" Happiness is a journey..not a destination."
I want to go to the city of love with someone I love.
Best Friends are the siblings god forgot to give you.
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"comment" if you are a Swifty

There are now rule when it comes to love.
My ex-boyfriend has a girlfriend. I still love him.  I can't get him out of my mind. He got sick inn gym today and all day i was thinking about.I hope he's ok.No one understands how i feel abotu him. I'm happy for him. Plus I've had 3 boyfriends since we broke up but when i was dating then i still loved him.
Everytime i look at my keyboard u and i are together
I've got I heart question mark written on the back of my hand.

i heart ?
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