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Let's get this started. I'm Katie's absolute favorite friend, Briahna.
My Witty name is L:iveTheDream.
So, let's talk about Katie. She's completely amazing. She's gorgeous, funny,
smart, and anything and everything else you wish that you could ever be.
She loves her some scary movies, even if I have to walk her to the bathroom 
afterwards. She swears like a goddamn sailor because she fucking can.
One day she's gonna marry Jean-Luc Bilodeau or Josh Hutcherson because
they're sexy.  She's a master in the art of apodyopsis.(; Also, she's a Grammar 
Nazi. That means she would rather cuddle you, then do you.(;  She drives me 
completely insane, and sometimes I would just love to push her in front of a bus,
but I would just miss her way too much. She's like the other half of me, we're a 
package deal, you want one you get both. I love her to the end of the universe and
back. We know everyhthing about each other, and somehow we're still friends. 
If you actually read this all, you're amazing and I love you.♥

My turn, Bitches. 
The name's Katelyn.(: Katie if you prefer. I blow out my candles June 2nd.
Fifteen years young Cheerleader forever, and gymnastics too! I love to talk to people and
will be nice to you if you're nice to me. I can be a bitch, but choose not to unless you piss me off.
So be good. My friends and I are the loud obnoxious ones you want to kill, but just LOVE.
I swear like a sailor, but there's a few words I refuse to say and that's PANTIES and MOIST.
Eww. So don't go there. I am a major grammar Nazi so I'd rather cuddle with you, then do you.;)
Taken, but this ain't eHarmony. Sophomore. I have an obsession with giraffes.
I adore memes. I'm a closet nerd. I'm a bunch of contradictions. Like a starburst.;)
Smile big, Beautiful. The world loves you and so do I. Talk to me if you feel the need.(: Peace out, Girl Scout 


Quotes by Katelynash

A pessimist is always alone.
An optimist is two people away 
from a threesome. ;)
Let's all be positive here.



Broccoli: "I look like a tree!"
Walnut: "I look like a brain!"
Mushroom: "I look like an umbrella!"
Banana: "Dude! Can we change the topic!?"




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If you're living
life without an "f."
you're living a 
li[ ]e.

that awkward moment
when you have to sneeze but you make it quiet
so it sounds like a dying cow.

nmf My quote(:


When i was little
When I was little? I  STILL do.
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You need him 

Like a giraffe needs strep throat. 




           Fact: everytime yofind a great hiding place,
                                                        You ALWAYS have to pee. 

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