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Quotes by Katherine

You make
me go:


._. ilu.


"1...2...3... SMILE!"...

"Did you take it yet?"

"Damn, it's on video!"


Distance doesn't ruin a relationship,

doubts do.

On the 12th day of Christmas, J.K. Rowling gave to me:
Twelve Cornish pixies
Eleven Veelas dancing
Ten points from Gryffindor
Nine Weasley mebers
Eight Movie adaptions
Seven Horcruxes
Six Wands-a-waving
Five Firebolts
Four Hogwarts houses
Three Deathly Hallows
Two Hippogriffs
and one Cloak of Invisibility


Some people needs a pat on the back.

With a knife.

Dear santa,

[ ] I've been good this year

[ ] Ok, most of the time

[ ] Once in a while

[x] Nevermind, I'll buy my own presents.


Saying "We can still be friends"

after a breakup,

Is like saying

"Hey, the dog died, but we

can still keep it!"


Your knife, my back.

My gun, your head.


Or you can ignore me.

that's cool too.

Dude. You're about as fly as

a penguin.