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HEYY Its KatieBear here, This quote is about my upcoming sequel to "My life without you" I've decided on a name, Its gunna be called, "Where's Jess?" What do you guys think? I'm not sure if i like the name, but i might change it. Anyways, as you're just finding out, "My life without you" has just ended. But I'm making a sequel. It starts on Wednesday, I need some days to plan it out and stuff. It needs o be good!! But yeah, if you want notifications or if u have any questions what so ever about both stories just comment here!! Thanks every one!! Love you!!

 My Life Without You
Chapter 23


I looked at him skeptically, it can't be. I realize that I've discovered where Adam has been keeping the real Connor Fitzgerald. I tip-toed to the stone wall that he's been chained to. He's asleep. But, a thought occurred to me. What if it's not the real Connor? What if it's someone who's been brainwashed and had plastic surgery? I'm probably over thinking this. I search for a way to let him down but there's nothing helpful in sight. Suddenly, I look to my right and a badmitten racket appears. I walk over and grasp it with both my hands, run over to Connor, and start swinging. He suddenly wakes up and has a surprised look on his face. He seems happy. I smile and since he's chained to the wall i give him my sad excuse for a hug. I suddenly experience these kicks in my stomach. I guess little Jess is happy to know her father's back. "Hold still, I'm going to try to break you free with this." I say holding the racket. He smiles and replies, "Whatever you say, babe." Quickly, I smash the racket against the chains trying not make a sound. After a few trys, his arms are released. Now, I can give him a real hug. With tears dripping past my cheeks, I wrap my arms around his cold body. I pull him close and are lips meet. Our first kiss since i thought he died. I pull away and begin to forcefully pull his body up and out of the chains. We lock hands and make a run for the exit. Right before we enter the dark room, Tracy and Carly catch us. "What are you two doing here?" they say. Trying to think of excuses I say, "Uh, I was looking for the bathroom and I happen to notice him. He looked like he had to use the restroom, as well. So i helped him down and I decided to find the bathroom to suit our needs. Gotta problem with that?" They look at each other trying to think of something to say. "Look, I'll show you guys the bathroom, just please don't tell Adam any of this! Got it?" Carly whispers. We nod our heads and proceed down the long corridor to the bathroom, when Adam shows up. "AHA! I knew you guys would find each other! Wait where were you going anyway?" he asks. "We were on our way to the bathroom when you rudely interrupted us!" Connor says in his face. "Ugh, fine. Use the bathroom. Whatever." Adam complains. We continue our way to the bathroom, but I hear footsteps. I turn around, but nothing or should I say, no one's there. I pull Connor's hand. nudging him to move faster. Then suddenly, the footsteps return and this time Adam, Carly, Tracy, and Tom are chasing us. With a puzzled look on my face, I wonder how and why Tom was released from jail. "Surprised?" Adam calls out to me. "Yes, very!" I respond as confident as ever. We keep running until I feel something tugging in my legs, it's Tom. I trip and fall, but Connor keeps running. There he goes again. I've lost him once more.



 My Life Without You
Chapter 22


 A few hours later I awaken in a dark, mysterious room. The walls echo and I'm almost positive it's bugged, so I better watch what I say. Minutes roll by when a bunch of female guards run into the room. Without thinking, I shut my eyes and pretend to sleep. That's the quickest AND easiest thing to do. "Where is she?" guard #1 asked. "Well maybe if Adam didn't make us put her in a black room with no lights we could see her!" guard #2  answered. In my head I'm thinking, Ok, so if there's no light and it's pitch black no one would see me get out! But wait, we would need to know where the guards are first to make a run for it!  "Hey Tracy where'd I put my lunch?" guard #2 asked. Apparently, guard #1's name is Tracy!! I listen for a reply, "I DON'T KNOW CARLY MAYBE IF YOU KEPT TRACK OF YOUR THINGS YOU WOULD HAVE YOUR LUNCH! NOW GIVE ME MY FREAKING FLASHLIGHT!" Tracy snarled at Carly. "Ok. Ok. Geez. Now only if I had a flashlight....." Carly answered. I heard someone else enter the room."What are you two doing here? I told you this a private room! You should be keeping an eye out on her "surprise". Someone said. "Ok, Adam whatever," they say in unison. Aha! So it IS Adam! I wriggle myself out of the chains and I make a run for it as soon as i heard all of the footsteps exit. The doorway is easy to make out, but is it locked? I tug on the handle and surprisingly it opens. I walk my way through the door and my eyes focus on what i think is my surprise. In front of me stands a short, blonde hair, green eyed boy chained on a wall. Now who could that be?


My Life Without You
Chapter 20


Sweat builds on my face. This must be a trap. Without
thinking I say, "Do you even know where you're going?" He smiles again and says, "Well of course I do, infact we're almost here." I start to think. Why is he acting suspicious? Why won't he tell me where we're going? Is he really taking me to Adam? Instead of trying to figure out these questions, like a normal person. I get really fidgety and start to have a meltdown. Now sweat, and tears are rolling down my face, and I think I'm going a teeny but crazy. I finally ask, "ARE WE FREAKING THERE YET? IF WE DON'T GET THERE IN THE NEXT 2 MINUTES I'M GOING TO PUNCH SOMEONE!!!" He giggles and says, "We're here!" My eyes glance around the black painted walls of nothingness. I can't see a thing. I start to wander blindly around the room. But I can't seem to touch the wall. I ask nervously, "Connor? Are you here?" There's silence for a few minutes. Then I hear, "Hello, Krystal....."



My Life Without you
CHapter 19


I sit on the stump. A million thoughts run through my brain. Who would someone do such a thing? Why is this happening to me? Who's this "Adam" anyways? Is he for real? Is Connor really alive? Or is this apart of his trap? I try to brush it off. Maybe he is alive. The next thought that comes to mind is to find the evil Connor. I dash out of the woods looking like an idiot of course. My hairs a mess, my make-up smeared, my clothes are ripped, i haven't brushed my teeth in a few days, I'm just a mess. I run out with the letter in my hands and search for him. Quickly, i find him. He's behind a tree burying Jillian. I run over before he leaves. I grab his shoulder and say, "Ok, I know you don't know me, but here, maybe this letter will prove something, after you read i have a question." He nods and proceeds to read. The look on his face was priceless. He gets a mirror and looks at himself and asks, "Who am i?" I hesitate when i say this but," Your Connor Fitzgeralds copy. So I guess your'e somewhat of him." He agrees but he's still in shock. I ask him these final question,"Do you remember who Adam is? Do you remember where you came from?" He looks puzzeled but finally something clicks. He gestures me to follow him. I stagger over to where he's going. I follow him for about 15 minutes then I start to worry. "Where are we going?" I ask nervously. "Oh you'll see," He says grinning evily.

 My Life Without You
Chapter 18


 Tears roll down my cheeks as I run gracefully to hug Connor.  As I take my final steps towards him. He evilly looks at me, then goes back to stabbing Jillian. I give him a quizzical look back and ask, "Why are you killing Jillian?" He stops stabbing to answer, "Why do you care? Who are you anyway? Just leave me alone." My heart dropped into my stomach. He's never said that to me before. How did he come back anyway? I grab his arm, to give him my answer. "My name's Krystal, I'm 17 I'm your pregnant fiancee and I care because you shouldn't be committing murder, YOU'LL GO BACK TO JAIL FOR TEN ADDITIONAL YEARS!!" I start to yell at him. This is his answer, "I don't have a fiancee or a kid, I still have no clue who you are. I never went to jail. NOW DO AS I SAY AND LEAVE ME ALONE." I start to cry and run away. I run and run til' i get off the highway and I reach somewhere I can just cry and not be questioned. Finally, I reach a forest. Its about 8:30 at night. Paranoid by Connor and Adam, I hesitate before going. Is it safe to enter? Should I bring someone else? I brush it off. I enter the woods, find a stump, and start to sob. My head in my lap i look down at my feet. A note. I pick it up and wipe the dirt off it. It reads, "Dear Krystal,
Surprised? I think so. See, I duplicated Connor's body 3 times. The original I'm holding hostage somewhere you'll never know. The one you just saw is his evil twin that has no trace of you. Lastly, The one I burned is another copy. Now that you know my plan, You'll never see the real Connor Fitzgerald




 My Life Without You
Chapter 17

 Sirens are here and the note had disappeared. I wipe the sweat off my face and get out of my car. But I get stopped by Jillian. She says, "Where do you think you're going, ginger?" I roll my eyes then answer, "Well I'm going home since I need to get away from the hospital!" She grabs me by the arm and asks me to explain what happened.  I refuse, since I have no clue what's happening. I easily trick Jillian and I take off running. As i look back i see two people running after me. Not just Jillian. Maybe I'm just seeing things. Yeah that's right. Seeing things. I quickly brush it off and zigzag between cars in traffic. Getting paranoid by "Adam" I turn around to see who's there. My eyes squint causing my  vision to slowly blur, but i notice the other person getting closer. Much closer. He/she is wearing a hockey mask, black gloves, a cape, long black pants and shirt, and carrying a knife no blood.....yet. I take my running to full speed. But its no use, I turn around and BAM I'm in for the surprise of my life............. There before me. I see Connor *alive* standing over Jillian with a knife.





 My life without you
Chapter 16


 My heart sunk. It's bad enough that i had to see him die, now he's in my car? This keeps on getting better and better. Veronica and i sprinted back to my house. I opened my purse and pulled out my keys. *click* I opened the door and knife flung out at us. Luckily, I ducked but sadly, Veronica got hit. I called 911 and the ambulance was here faster. We got her into the hospital and they operated quickly. I'm crying histerically as i call Sammy. "Sammy?" i ask. "What do you want?" she says in a sarcastic tone. "Veronica's in the hospital." I say but with that the call ended and she came to the hospital. "Oh my gosh I'm so sorry i was ever mean to you. When you said what happened to Veronica I just snapped back." she explains. "It's ok I'm glad to have my sis back," i say smiling. Right after the doctor comes into the hall and says, "Surgery went well, but there's a little problem....." "What is it?" Sammy and I say in unison. "Well since the bullet hit her towards the brain she doesnt remember anyone." Doctor Emily explains. Why is my life falling apart again!? First I lose the love of my life, then my parents and sister are brainwashed to hate me, now my best friend got shot and she doesnt remember anyone. I call Demetry. He's the only friend i have right now! "Hello?" he answers. "Hi, um i have bad news..." i say trying to tell him that his girlfriend was shot and probably doesnt remember him. "What is it?" he asks. "Well Veronica and I were going to my house to discuss something when i open the door and a knofe flys out and attacks her so she just had surgery and she doesnt remember anyone." I say trying to sound as positive as possible. Right away he starts to sob. Poor Demetry. Will he ever get her back? Will she ever feel the same way again? Why is this unknown person ruining my life?! I hang up the phone, feeling terrible. I storm out to my car, dead body in it or not, and i begin to drive home. I'm on the highway when theres this paper flying in the breeze and lands on my windshield. I start driving slowly and begin to read the note. It reads,
"Dear Krystal,
I know you feel terrible about everything, so i will just let you know who i am to make it even. I'm.............. Adam. I'll hate you forever!
Your enemy,
Right after I swerve off the road and my airbags go off. I cant see anything.


 My life without you
Chapter 15


 Another note? I thought we were done with that. Guess not. I proceed to knock on the door, and ignore the note. Finally, Veronica opens the door hysterically crying. Her make-up is smeared and it's running down her face. "What's wrong?" I ask as she lets me inside. I walk into her house. Her parents are drop dead on the floor."*sniffle* I walked into my house  and i saw them on the floor. Their blood was all over everything. Thankfully, i cleaned it up," Veronica says as shes sobbing. "Where's your brother?" i ask. "Well i walked into his room to tell him about my parents, but as soon as i walked in he chucked a knife at my face like it was a target." she explains. I take her hand and we run into the bushes. I couldn't risk that house or mine being bugged when i tell her what's going on. After explaining, she says,"Hey, I have an idea!" I ask,"What?" "Ok so do you want to know who's doing this?" she says convincingly. "Well i know it's not Tom, since he's in jail, but who knows." I say. "Well since they know where we live and they leave notes, i say we go to the police and then stay in the bushes for a few hours to see who it is."Veronica says her proposition.  I consider her idea. What if they notice us? What if they decide to kill me now? What if the police doesn't believe us?  Quickly, i answer her,"Yes, I'll do it." We quickly walk over to the hospital to get my car. On the way to the car Veronica see's Demetry and he comes over and gives her a kiss. I shed a tear thinking of Connor. I ignore their romance and pull Veronica forward. Finally, I find my car. I open the door and OH MY GOD THERE'S A BODY IN MY CAR and a little note next to it.Veronica and I stand in shock. I look at the person's face to identify who it is. IT'S CONNOR!! The body in my car is him! I start to cry as i read the following note,
"Dear Krystal,

 Do you like my surprise? I knew you would. You will NEVER see him again. Your precious Connor Fitzgerald is gone. Looks like there's no one left to protect you, good luck, Krystal. You'll need it...