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My ex: hey my brother just got home from collage!
Me: really thats cool.

My ex: yeah he's so different now!

Me: yeah, its funny how  people change...


Forever (n.)

Something that everyone says but nobody means.


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im not the

girl of your


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*Fat teacher at lunch dressed up all in red*
Girl: Hey look it's the girl on fire!
My best friend: More like the girl everone
wants to set on fire
This is why I love my best friend.



Hold on to that feeling, and don't let go
cause we got the floor now,
get on with the show


  I need you
Like Peeta kneads bread.

Cause if you wake up one day and find
that you're missing me,

and your heart starts to wonder where on this earth i could be.

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I'm still alive
But I'm barley breathing.

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Watching one of those "relateable educational" videos in school thinking: 
"I never have these conversations with my friends."

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If we could only have this life for one more day

If we could only turn back time