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Hey! My name's Katie. I live in England. I love my ukulele because it's more size-appropriate to me than my guitar. My favourite food is Mexican food.  I always follow back on Witty and Twitter (@kayytehh). In December I'll be going off to Africa to help out in a local primary school for a week, building, rebuilding, and possibly teaching. Please visit my Just Giving page to donate to the charity (http://www.justgiving.com/katie-gambia13) and read about it. If you then go on to donate I will love you forever, your heart is bigger than uranus :D Okay that was a terrible joke I know I promise not to make it again.
 Thanks for visiting my page, if you're still reading you must have a lot of patience because I've said a lot more than I meant to, and leave a comment because I love you :D I created this layout, so go ahead and look for it in the editor if you want it, it's 20-something clicks of the arrow :)

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Hiro just makes me happy okay


Quotes by KatiiLouisex3

"I noticed myself wishing that nothing loved me so I wouldn't feel obligated to keep existing. "

Credit to hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.co.uk
I need party music!
Things like Don't Trust Me by 3OH!3, How to be a Heartbreaker by Marina and the Diamonds, The Rapture by The Pass. Ya feel me?

Any ideas?
Thank yoouuu(:

"When I feel bad about myself I go to McDonalds and sit there eating
a salad so that I can at least feel better than everyone else there."


So I was looking through old photos,
and I decided to go to YouTube and put on a Pretty Little Liars soundtrack playlist.
I swear I have never felt more reminiscent omg


I saw this little girl today just
casually running around dressed
like an American Native Indian

And I thought, "I miss the days when it was perfectly acceptable
for me to walk around wearing a tiara," (which I did with pride).

I wish adults still felt as free as kids.


Did you know...
...that the first ever person to make a Witty quote, other than Steve, was 'Crapper'?
And his quotes were mostly pictures made with text?
If your skin absorbs moisturiser and stuff, why doesn't it absorb makeup and just leave an eyeliner tattoo under your skin forever?
Friend: HIGH FIVE! *raises hand*
Me: OKAY! *goes to high five friend*
Friend: *moves hand away* teeheeheeheehee
Me: o_o
Me: ... People like you are the reason I have trust issues.

Do you ever have those moments where
you just want to use big words and it's kinda
like, "So what's up?" "Oh well my sister was 
telling me an inextricably cumbersome
rigmarole in her usual jargon slang, seriously she
could write an anthology with all ofthose,
but I remain incredulous to her demonstrable
fallacy. Her behaviour is utterly discombobulating,
but that's just a foible of hers. You?"

It's kind of ironic that I describe myself using the word; "Inarticulate".