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Quotes by Katrhina

Girl: Do you have a crush?
Boy: yes 
Girl: And... what's her name?
Boy: well, actually is You....r sister 
Mothers are the most beautiful persons in this world, because if they only have 4 pieces of bread for 5 people they are not hungry 
WHO let the dogs out??... WHO WHO WHO WHO
who let the dogs out??… WHO WHO WHO WHO WHO??!?!?! 
please e-mail me back if you have the answer, my dogs have been missing all day!!
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When somebody follow you on twitter: Yay!! another follower 

When somebody follow you in real life: OMG! somebody call the cops , Oh my, Oh my!!! Help! 
*Mom... I´ll be in home in 10 minutes if I don´t,  read this again*

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Today my mom just told me:
"You are free to leave the school, I don´t care anymore"

And then I woke up 


Boys cry too

If you don´t believe it kick one on his family jewels 

Friend: I hate math, I´m going to sell oranges in the Street

Teacher: You need math for that

Friend: F+ck you b+tch!!