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Quotes by Katrhina

That moment when you hate somebody and you don´t even know why...

Me: Really! I can´t stay I have to go to school!

Bed: But, babe is cold outside 

Haha! your mother is my girlfriend

me: shut up dad you´re drunk

Hey I just met you (Actually I met like 3 years ago)

And this is crazy (actually is a little psycho)

And here´s my number (I already have yours so…)

So call me maybe (You know I will text you anyway)

Young doesn´t

mean being weak...

 Adult doesn´t mean being Strong 

Me: Dad sometimes it feels like you don´t love me

Dad: OMG! That’s crazy!

Dad: I always don´t love you 

He loves me

He don´t loves me

He loves me

He don´t loves me

He loves me

He don´t loves me …

F/ck!! Give me another flower!!! 

Girlfriend: Hey can you describe me?

Boyfriend: Yes, you are A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K

Girlfriend: What does that mean?

Boyfriend: adorable, beautiful, cute, delightful, elegant, foxy, gorgeous, h0t

Girlfriend: Oh so cute! But what about the I, J, K?

Boyfriend: I´m just kidding! haha

The legend says that the doctor finally saved his family jewels  

Dad: you better pass that exam or else you forget me as your father

Me: Sure, whatever dad


*5 hours later*


Dad: So how was your exam?

Me: Who the f/ck are you?  

On facebook:


David: Where to buy chicken casserole supplies                                                     


Stephen: Dad this is facebook not google. Try again 

David: where to buy chicken casserole supplies

Stephen: Dad no!

David: where to buy supplies for chicken casseroles

Stephen: WTF! Are you serious?

David: chicken casserole supply store

Stephen: Fiesta Mart, 8130 Kirby Drive!!