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Quotes by KayBrittStephX3

                texted me 
        while playing XBOX 


♥♥♥ I get it you love "Him"  

but he doesnt have to be in

every quote you write... 

My sister works with mentally

challenged kids

They were watching 101 dalmatians and then one of them

screamed Aaahhh Lady Gaga!!!

made me laugh :D 

Who else just wished on
10/10/10 at 10:10?

Whats with that new


snuggie song!?


am i the only one who heard that song?! 


i wish i had Dora's parents they let that b*tch go


Today in tech i

asked to go to

the bathroom the

same time as

this really hot

kid. My teacher 

told me i could 

go after the kid 

then i asked him 

why cant i just

go at the same

time as him were

gonna be in two


bathrooms and he

said how what if

you two go

into the gym and

start making out

i took that as a 

compliment that

he thinks that 

kid would wanna 

make out with me




Dear Parents,

You were a teen once you always wanted to hang out with friends . . . so why wont                      you let me?!
                                       All Teens


I throw these quotes

up in the air 

sometimes saying a

Aayoooo i've seen

these befo-re