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Hey doll I'm Kayce(:
I have amazing Friends 
But I would have to say Kourtney Watkins is the bestesss((: I lovee herr, shes basically my sisterr<3
I have a great boyfriend but you know Im young so it's not intense(:
I love my family<3
I play ladycat basketball, we go hardcore, undefeated #4(:
I love my life.
Im intresting. 
Talk to me i'll talk back i promise(:

Quotes by Kaycelovesbasketball

If there is shampoo called: 
Heads & Shoulders,
then why isn't there body wash called:
Knees & Toes?(:

Girl: Daddy daddy hurry come here now!! Quick please come quick. Help!
Dad: *Out of breathe from running* What happened?! Who's hurt?!
Girl: *On top of bed screaming* Kill the spider!! Hurry!
You know it;s happened (:

You're the..
Face to my Book

Follow Directions(:
1.) Go to Google Maps.
2.) Go to Get Direction
3.) Put A(Which is start point) as Japan.
4.) Put B(Which is end point) as China.
5.) Read direction number 43.
6.) Laugh & Favorite (:

And when you ask your boyfriend what he is doing and he responds "thinking" you know, things aren't going to turn out good.

-Remember When #37
You were so scared to get your name put on the board.

Four Facts.(:
1. You can't stick your tongue out and look up at the ceiling at the same time. It's physically impossible.
2. All idiots after reading number 1 will try it.
3. And discovered number 1 is a lie.
4. Your smiling now because you are a idiot!

The difference between 6th grade and 8th grade:
6th- *guy takes girls seat* Girl:I'll sit on you! *boy moves*
8th- *guy takes girls seat* Girl:I'll sit on you! 
Boy: *pats leg* Go ahead!
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Elementary School; ew you kissed him! cooties!
Middle School; c'mon, kiss! kiss! kiss!
High School; seriously guys stop making out and get a room!

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