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About mee.
my names Makayla<3
Freshman at Terryville high School.
14 yearss olddddd.
Takeeennnn. 12.24.11<3
Ask for my digits& maybe i'll give them to you.(:
Partying kind of girrrl!
friends? LOTS.
loveee meeting new peopleee, so talk to me!(:
this isn't very long but, whateverr!



favorite picture of me<3



Quotes by KaylaaRainn

My Boyfriend:  

I love you so much, you are a perfect girl to an imperfect 

guy. You're so beautiful and wonderful, you're my 

everything, you're the last girl i want to be with. We 

were made for each other. I appreciate everything you

are ,and everygting are to and for me, hour after hour.

You are the most caring girl and  I appreciate that. 

I love you so much baby.   



lease follow! I'll do my best to follow back!

love you all.

Trust takes years to build, seconds to break, and forever to repair.

when a quote is soo squished together that you can't read it.

If you didn't notice

it says "in a relationship with..."

on her profile, so i suggest you HOP OFF!

Who else is going to be a Freshman this year?

My Dad Smokes.

So i bet him that if i got 200 favorites on this quote he would stop smoking, & i really want him to stop smoking, i think if he does my mom will do the same..so please..help me get 200 favorites on this quote.

The awkward moment when your little sister tries explaining what '69' is(:

 jealousy gets the best of me.