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About mee.
my names Makayla<3
Freshman at Terryville high School.
14 yearss olddddd.
Takeeennnn. 12.24.11<3
Ask for my digits& maybe i'll give them to you.(:
Partying kind of girrrl!
friends? LOTS.
loveee meeting new peopleee, so talk to me!(:
this isn't very long but, whateverr!



favorite picture of me<3



Quotes by KaylaaRainn

Me without you..
is like..
a sneaker without laces,
a geek without braces,
best friends, me and you<3

hit the <3 if youu have a best friend you cant live without<3


&& who else...

       has that panic attack when a family member walks in on you chatting with someone on the computer?

i know i do(:



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