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About mee.
my names Makayla<3
Freshman at Terryville high School.
14 yearss olddddd.
Takeeennnn. 12.24.11<3
Ask for my digits& maybe i'll give them to you.(:
Partying kind of girrrl!
friends? LOTS.
loveee meeting new peopleee, so talk to me!(:
this isn't very long but, whateverr!



favorite picture of me<3



KaylaaRainn's Favorite Quotes

I don’t mind spending everyday

out  on your corner in the pouring rain

look for the girl with the  broken smile

ask her if she wants to stay a while

and she will be loved


Why was 6 afraid of 7?

'Cause 789.
Not anymore, didn't you hear?
6 and 9 got together last night and 8 each other out.



katniss: *puts on coat and looks at cat*
cat: hssssssssssssssssssssss
katniss: i can still cook you.

 Katniss Everdeen, the girl on 

You had me at "Hello"
and lost me at "I don't like the Hunger Games"

format credit to: cheeseylovesongs

I wonder what would be harder to find..

Waldo or the father of Snooki's child?

                                                 Admit It…
   You Love Reading What People Write In The Back Of Textbooks. 

For lent, I gave up eating junk food.
I also want to loose some weight,
And no worry, Im not going on any crazy diets or anything.
For every favourite on this quote: I'll do an hour excercise.
For every comment: I'll do two hours.

Please help, I need something like this for inspiration
and determination.


TEACHER: Where's your homework?
STUDENT: Written in the stars.

STUDENT: A million miles away

TEACHER: Why are you telling us this?
STUDENT: A message to the main.

TEACHER: Do you want to miss spring break?
STUDENT: Seasons come and go.

TEACHER: You better change your attitude.
STUDENT: I will never change.

TEACHER: You can go down to the principals office.
STUDENT: I'm on my way.

She straightens her hair

puts on her eyeliner,
glosses her lips &
takes one last look in the mirror,
all for the boy who will
never care.