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My name is Kaylah Marie.[x] Single[x] Pansexual[x} Strange

[+] Music. Eyeliner. Cats. Hot Topic. Spencers. Torrid.
Piercings. Converse. Tattoos. Real Smiles. Twilight. Books.
The Big Bang Theory. Skinny jeans. Band tees. Hello Kitty. Invader Zim. Adventure Time. [+]

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Quotes by Kaylahsaurous

Let's text~
719 238 1885

I need friends.

Say you love me
& I'm yours.
It scares me
that you never know
what someone is thinking or feeling
towards you and everything that they say
could be one massive lie.


Ma to the damn D E A.

If you like me...

Then say
you like me.

Welcome to Friendzone
Population: Me
I'll be your tour guide.

I'm also the president.

I'm worth more than you can ever imagine.
*Gets candle as birthday gift*
You do know I have electricity, right?

I honestly stopped caring about what you think a long time ago because I don't matter anyway.

Who will be my Valentine?