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So umm yeah Im Kaylee. 
Sorry ChocoTaco I couldnt figure out how to use your layout site, so here is a mention, cause youre still awesome. 
Sorry im awkward.
ok, on with it.

Food is good. 
Food is great.
Food is good.
Cats are the shit.
So are you.
Youre really cute for being shit.
Lets get married.
I still love you though.
Music is good.
Humans are shitty.
I like TV.
I love the internet.
Youre really cute.
Lets be friends.
Sorry im awkward.
I dont mean to be a stalker.
Comment me.
I love you.
I love internet.
The internet is cool.
So are you.
Without the internet I wouldnt have you.
So yeah.
You and the internet are lovely.

Too many fandoms, i am not loyal. dont judge me, lol.

city lights are romantic. they draw me in. i have citylust. 

citylust might not be a word.

i like fruit. it tastes good.

thats enough.

love you guys.

stay witty. 

Quotes by KayleeAnn22

everyone on omegle is such a perv
I don't even care if my quotes get likes or not, honestly i just want people to comment.
i love playing with my cat because he looks so happy, but after awhile he just gets so into it and i end up with a ton of gashes all over my hands and forearms, and they're a little painful but when i look at them i smile because it reminds me of my cat, who is ten times smaller than me, but still trusts me enough to hurt me and know that i wont do anything back. its kinda cute. :)
I kinda feel bad for diets, i mean, everyone's constantly cheating on them.
the terrifying feeling you get when your swimming with your friends and you think you're gonna drown
that horrible feeling you get when you're swimming, and get water in your nose
does anyone know where i can find a good layout 
To change my layout, or not to change my layout. . .
You have no idea how hard it is to scroll through Witty on a lato after ainting your nails. And dont even get me started about tying a quote with a broken keyboard. (hence all the selling mistakes.}

I pretend I don't have emotions, so nobody knows that I'm broken.