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So umm yeah Im Kaylee. 
Sorry ChocoTaco I couldnt figure out how to use your layout site, so here is a mention, cause youre still awesome. 
Sorry im awkward.
ok, on with it.

Food is good. 
Food is great.
Food is good.
Cats are the shit.
So are you.
Youre really cute for being shit.
Lets get married.
I still love you though.
Music is good.
Humans are shitty.
I like TV.
I love the internet.
Youre really cute.
Lets be friends.
Sorry im awkward.
I dont mean to be a stalker.
Comment me.
I love you.
I love internet.
The internet is cool.
So are you.
Without the internet I wouldnt have you.
So yeah.
You and the internet are lovely.

Too many fandoms, i am not loyal. dont judge me, lol.

city lights are romantic. they draw me in. i have citylust. 

citylust might not be a word.

i like fruit. it tastes good.

thats enough.

love you guys.

stay witty. 

KayleeAnn22's Favorite Quotes

Him: If you could have an unlimited amount of two things, what would those two things be?
Me: Love and ice cream.

i didn't mean to ruin everything


              YOU DESERVE TO BE      
I'm finally happy.
Him: I want to come visit you.
Me: You'd drive an hour to see me for five minutes?
Him: I'd go to the moon and back to see you for one minute.

 A relationship with no


                                                                                              is a relationship with a lot of secrets.


    they tell you to be yourself
                   AND THEN THEY  JUDGE YOU.


Him: You and I are going to be okay. You know that, right?

Grandpa: That man has homosexual hair. Or he's Swedish. Probably both.
Me: Grandpa seriously you can't go around saying people have homosexual hair. That's a little offensive.
Grandpa: I also said he might be Swedish. You never know with those Swedes.
Me: Grandpa we're Swedish.
Grandpa: Exactly.

I build walls because it's easy. Curling up
inside myself and blocking everyone out is
like second nature to me. I always do this.
No matter who comes into my life, I
never really let them in. Nobody knows what
goes on in my head and whose fault is that?
Maybe I watched too many Disney movies as a kid,
Cinderella and all that fancy sh.t, but
somehow it's gotten into my head that someone
will come along and give me my happy ending.

Someone will save me not from evil step-sisters
but from myself. Someone will make this whole
thing worth it. Someone will come along and
I will finally open up, not like a flooding
dam, broken and gushing, but like a child
learning to read for the first time, whole new
worlds opening up before our very eyes, like
we were dead this whole time but have finally
come out of naked truths and newborn

How could I, a simple human being, grow up
expecting this to happen to me?

Human beings aren't entitled to happy endings.

The nice thing about walls is that they keep
out hope just as well as people.