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It's hard to forget someone
who gave you so much to remember
Hi my name is Kaylee, and im broken.

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Witty is dead.. what happened?
Want some advice?
Don't have phone s*ex you'll get hearing aids.
My Mom;

               The main reason I have trust issues. I watched multiple guys walk out on her;
walk out on me. I watched her fight. I watched her hit guy after guy. I watched her "love" and that is not what I want love to be for me. I've watched my mom punch me in the face. I've watched her push me to the ground and say she could end my life there. Moms are supposed to be there for you. They're there to tell you what is wrong, and what is right. Mine never did that for me. Mine didn't even want me. She wanted me so she could get that check that came every week you call it child support I call it the only reason why my mom ever wanted me. So I'm sorry when you say I suffocate you. I just don't want you walking out of my life like every guy I've seen with my mom.
so im trying to become INSTAGRAM FAMOUS so if everyone that has one follow me at _Kakke_ I will love you forever thanks
9 months ago today i started dating the love of my life. he meant everything to me, but i went and screwed everything up. i will always love you dante♥ and happy 9 months boo bear, we will be together again in the feature. 
and you just realized.....


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no one has a dad.

And who remembers

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on average Kristen Stewart has

more facial expresions in Breaking

Dawn part 2 than she did in any

other movie.
is it really worth hurting myself because of him, hes put me through so much pain phiscally and mentally. Yeah I still love him and yeah I still want to be with him, but he doesnt want me. I know ive made mistakes in the past, but I grew up ive changed, if only he could see that but he doesnt even talk to me anymore. He doesnt want me back and I know it and so does he but I should really move on since i cant take this pain anymore.
and again here comes the knife to my skin.....