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It's hard to forget someone
who gave you so much to remember
Hi my name is Kaylee, and im broken.

~Follow me, I'll follow you back~

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Girls Problem #1:
Cutting yourself while your shaving.


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my cousins best friend hung himself the other day </3 RIP 

ok so i was told i needed to write a song will you guys help me and i will dedicate to you guys!

When I'm on witty and I go to click on the the next page and it has 1...2 it makes me wonder if there is a secret page I should know about...

getting to that part of the song that you dont know and you mumble :)

If smiling for a few seconds can make a photograph beautiful, then just imagine how beautiful your life can be if you just keep on smiling

and i heard on the radio today that Harry wants to shave his head :O

Dear Best Friend,
        Well im not even sure your gonna read thisbut w.e. i need to get this out. I love you with all my heart even thought you hate me, you will always be my number one and yeah maybe i been pushing you away but you have been pushing me away. Thats why ive been hanging out with Dante this whole time. You found a new best friend and i wouldnt blame you because im a horrible one. I know im not always there for you im sorry i always have plans and cant see you anymore im sorry im not the friend that goes and stays up with you every night, im sorry that i can be annoying, mean, etc... im sorry im not that perfect best friend you want. But if you want i can leave dante for you, ive told him that i would becaus i would rather have you in my life than him. i would take a bullet for you but you dont care anymore. Well i had a great four years with you and iloveyou.

What i if told you...

you read the top line wrong

and today... I heard Ke$ha on the radio :O

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