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It's hard to forget someone
who gave you so much to remember
Hi my name is Kaylee, and im broken.

~Follow me, I'll follow you back~

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That awkward moment when you call your best guy friend your boy friends name...

Wearing short skirts and inches of makeup won't impress Harry

One Direction was suppose to be
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Dear Lucky (my dog),
        If your going to sleep next to me please do NOT snore in my ear...

Sincerely, the girl who is trying
to sleep right next to you

Dear best friend,

your changing

Please come back</3

That amazing feeling you get when a top quoter person favs one of your quotes :D

 ♥♥Me without you is like Pepsi without cans. Pedophiles without vans. Jersey shore without tans♥♥

"I wish I had a girl I could cuddle up to at night rather than my pillow" ~Harry Styles 

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I'd rather have a life with "OH WELLS", than with "WHAT IF"