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They say love is in the air so i hold my breathe untilmy face turns purpleLayout Credit
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 Hey guys, im Kaylee.imnew to witty and have legit no followers lmao. im a witty loser, HOLLLLAAA. anyways i have no quotes and followers so follow me and ill follow you back and like your quotes. I live in the lovely Massachusetts. Its summer and its flying by i love hanging out with my friends sleepovers and everything, pier jumping,longboarding, and everything is my thing(: thanks to elllie.the layout and but i  music of my witty is everything meaning full i love one direction and the picture is my dream! i love it.im a teenager in love with my friends. i might be boy crazy but i dont have a boyfriend i might have feelings for someone but thats it. i love love love tan guys with brown eyes and blonde hair (6 pack) My bestfriends all date the worst guys and imnot being like them ill find the right one. going to watchmy friends baseball games down the street every other dayis amazing i wish i could tell who my real friends are andmy fake ons are. im not taking pictures half naked to get your attention like some people in malike grow up slut. well lovein summer and life as a teen so follow me! bye witty.

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They say love is in the air, so i hold my breathe until my face turns Purple.