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Quotes by KayleighJean

I miss you all on here
I hope everyone is doing well


Everyday's the same
She fights to find her way


She feels more alone in her own dreams


Wish I still had my best friend on here.


Is there a difference between
broken and breaking?


Oopsie I missed my one year on Witty.
I had planned to write a long post but I guess this will have to do.
Thankful for all of the people I have met whether we are still friends or
have moved away from each other.
I would like to especially say I love you to Lyric who has stuck around with
me for a year, and has become one of my closest friends, Joshua, who I havent heard from in many months
but who has positively impacted my life and has made me smile countless times. Also I big shout out to
Patrick and Russell for becoming like older brothers to me, checking up on me
and always being right at my side when I needed them. Lastly, Ave and May you are two
incredible girls of whom I have come to adore very much, thank you for being great friends.

I want you all to know, even if we arent friends, that you are extraordinary and perfect
no matter what your interests are, your music taste, how you look, and your personality
every single one of you on this website is special and im so blessed to be in your presence

Thank you Steve for making this website that has given me a place to express myself
back when I was young, and again now that I am a teenager.

Happy one year wittaversary to me!!!


You're the best friend that I ever had
Such a shame I had to make you so very sad
Just remember that you meant everything to me
and to my heart you're the only one that held the key


Ending 2014
with more friends lost than made


You took away the starts in my night.


Most nights at 2Am
I wonder where I'll be in
ten, twelve, fifteen years

Other nights at 2AM
I wonder if I'll make it that far