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KayleighJean's Favorite Quotes

so, basically, you want me to go
through emotional stress, just so you
don't have to go through emotional 
stress? lol k then.
Raven: Here's the thing
Me: We started out friends, it was cool but it was all pretend
Raven: That's not what I was going to say...
Me: You're dedicated, you took the time. It wasn't long 'til I called you mine
Raven: I give up on trying to talk to you
Me: Since you've been gone, I can breathe for the first timeeee.

If you ever feel bad about singing a song wrong or mishearing lyrics, remember this:
You know the part in Pompeii where it's like 'ay ay oh ay oh'
For the longest time I thought it was 'e e go ego e e go ego'
And everytime I heard the song I'd think 'what does waffles have to do with Pompeii?'

Despite what you've been told,
I once had a soul


Even the best fall down sometimes.


A friend's eye is a good mirror.


adventure is out there 
After all these years,
I am at long last...
Cancer free.

One Direction Update
7/23/14 11:15 PM EDT

Hey guys! And Happy 4 Years of 1D! I think we can all agree that without them our lives would be very different. And I'm so grateful that I got into them when I did! Couldn't be more proud!

So, other than the fact that it's basically a national holiday in our fandom the boys themselves did not do too much today. Harry is still out and about in LA. I think Niall went golfing again. Louis is at home with his sisters. He's probably keeping an eye out while his mom and Dan are on their honeymoon! I don't think Liam or Zayn were seen though Liam posted a new pic today!

Rumors: None

Links: Harry in LA today: 
Here's something to make you emotional: http://t.co/moIEfIaIj1
Louis and Ernest today! http://t.co/YARzWNYXp5

Okay so I just wanted to warn you guys that updates might be a little slow these next few days. Me and Katie are both going away tomorrow. I should be able to still update from where I'm going. Katie is going on a long trip so if I can't she won't be able to either. Hopefully not too much will be going on and I should be on anyway. I'll be back on Monday though if I can't. 

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