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Quotes by KbbyLovesYou

When you have to make a hard decision,
flip a coin.

Not because it settles the question for you,
but because in that
moment when the coin is in the air,
you suddenly know what you're
hoping for.


Got a tumblr?

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Got a tumblr?

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"Would you like me to assign 

someone to butter your muffin?"

Fave if you know where this is from.

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ever happened to you?
me: mom can i hang out with my friend next weekend
mom: where are you going to go
mom: what's their name
mom: where do they live
mom: how old are they
mom: are they from the internet
mom: what are their favorite colors
mom: what about hobbies
mom: what about pet names
mom: do you have a boyfriend
mom: are you lying to me
mom: what ethnic group are they

When someone has a car as their profile picture.
Tf ? 
Are you a Transformer or something ?!

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Three words, eight letters. Say it and I'm yours.
I got food.


nmf nmq
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Hey...I miss you.
Hey. Omg I miss you too almost everything reminds me of you, you don't even know how much I missed you gawd I feel so stupid for missing you that much but ohwell, I bet you're having a good life without me, right? I heard you got a new girlfriend but its okay we can stay friends for now if thats alright with you.


My boyfriend is like Santa.
 Santa doesn't exist.