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❝rage. rage against the dying of the light.❞
***please read***

Witty has been one of the best experiences of my life. I met some amazing people on here; I wish them the best always.

I've struggled a lot and Witty was always here for me. It's been a few years since I've signed in, but I wanted to write this.

Whether you're a new Wittian or an OG Wittian, I hope Witty is/was worthwhile. I know it was for me. xoxo



Quotes by KeepFighting

                                         If I disappear, please
                                         don't look for me.
                                           I't's better off                                                             this way.

the gray has changed to
darkness again.

but this time,

I                                  I'm not so sure there's a way out.




in his head,
he was already


             through everything you've ever           promised me,

you never once promised

you wouldn't leave.


turns out you need me

just as much as trees need
leaves in the winter.


save me from myself,
don't let me drown.

who will make me fight? 
drag me out alive.


i just, i want it all to

i have this pain inside my body that makes me want to rip my chest open and just make it stop. make the thoughts stop, make the pain stop, make the suffering stop, make the breathing stop. i just want it all to stop.
you don't get it. i'm not sad and miserable all the time. i have this deep feeling inside me that takes all of these emotions at once and mushes them all together to create something i can't exactly describe. i'm suffocating in my own body. i can actually feel myself slipping away. i can be surrounded by so many wonderful people and have this feeling that no one even wants me there and that i'm a burden. so i isolate myself from everyone and keep them all at a certain distance so i don't end up getting hurt. but that doesn't work. i hurt anyway. i hurt all the time and i don't know why. i'm forced into this skin that isn't mine. i've tried cutting my way out releasing whatever there is inside but it always comes back and i don't understand. i just know i'm not 'sad and miserable.'