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Food. Hugs. Kisses. Teddy bears. Phones. Friends. Family. God. Jesus. Hope. Pain. Love. Endless phone coversations. Summer. One way. One Direction. Chris Brown. Drake. Jason Aldean. Scotty McCreery. Lee Brice. Cutting. Recovery. Computer. Witty. Twitter, @Beautifulllx3 Tumblr, Follow.. I'd love it. My Dad. Sisters. Babies. Writing stories. Venting. Creating perfect love moments. Being with him.

Don't forget who you are, don't change to get his attention. Society is insecurity.

The name is Zoe Reyanne Hicks, fourteen, average teen, summer crush. Pray, the Lord is your best friend.

I love him, he loves me, we're set. Stay strong, beautiful. 
Zoe Rey-Anne.

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Heey guys, do me a wonderful favor and watch this video for me? Thanks beautiful.


is bad, drop it beautiful.

"Strong, is all we have."
Through the good and the bad,
the love & the hate.

The pain, and the weak.
The love & the lost.
Be happy.

You are you, nobody can replace that.
I need you more than you think.
[[I need you to be happy.]]

Even if it means,
 losing my own happiness.
Where would I be without YOU?
I wouldn't be happy.
I'd sure wouldn't be okay.
 I'd be lost.
Lost in everything.
Heck no, I wouldn't be happy.
I wouldn't be the same.

(I need you.)
[[Until the end of my days.]]

This pain, I'm getting used too.
I feel so alone. Even if people say that I'm not. I can feel myself giving up. Being without him just makes everything so much harder. Actually, he is still here, but it feels like he just wants out. I hate when he tells me he wakes up every morning knowing there's going to be a fight, when he tells me that I make him feel like he's not good enough for me, when I tell him I'm done, he's actually going to walk out. I can't handle this, the heck is wrong with me? The pain hurts, hurts more than anything. Yeah, I've cut, but he was the one who stopped it.. Now that we're both pushing each other away, nothing is the same. I don't want him to be depressed because of me, and I know there's no way that I make him happy, happy is without me.
Vent.. just need to vent.
So, you promised me that we'd hang out a lotttt more once summer came, and we've hung out more while we were in school.. We hung out TWICE the entire school year, and now summer is almost gone and we haven't even hung out once. The fact that you barely talk to me as it is kills me even more. Why? Why am I still waiting for you? Why am I thinking that you've found somene else? Why do I always have to say I love you first? Why do I always have to text you first? Why do I always have to call first? I need you, but it seems more that I tell you about my feelings, the more you push away. Yeah, I cut, but it wasn't because of you, it was the fear of losing you. Get it now? It's been almost two years, and nothing is the same. I miss how close we used to be.. how often we saw each other, how every day you told me  you missed me, and every day I'd wake up with a text saying, "Good morning beautiful." What happened to the love now?
Just be honest with me, 
It's not like I'm asking you to kill someone, I'm not asking you to love me, I'm not asking you to marry me tomorrow, I'm not asking for you to care about me,
I'm asking for your honesty. 

No, I won't be your back up girl. I won't get it in with you every hour, I refuse to send pictures, and no, I will not wear revealing clothes to show off to your friends. As you can see, I refuse to do a lot of things, so if you don't like that fact, than the door is over there. So, DON'T lead me on, DON'T ask for photos, DON'T ask to get it in, because truth is, I don't want too. I'm young, I want to be free in high school, I don't want to be pregnant and make it even harder to graduate, I want to go to all the football games, start off my cheerleading year, and just have fun while I can. I don't want to worry about having a baby. My gardians are in a tough spot with money right now, why should I have to make them pay for MY baby? I'm to young to get a job, and they shouldn't have to worry about MY baby. Like I said, I don't want to be a Mom in highschool, I want to be married and have a beautiful wedding first. I'm worring about my education right now. I'm sorry, it doesn't fit your need, actually I'm not sorry at all. I want to provide for my baby, I don't want to rely on other people for my action. LIVE WHILE YOU CAN.

                                                                             Lies Behind The Truth
I wasn't planning on things being this hard, truth be told, I didn't see this coming at all. It all came down to this, losing him to a girl who was prettier, smarter, she was beautiful. Then, there's me, the girl in the corner, no friends, no nice clothes, no perfect tan, no make up, the under weight girl. Apparently, being strong wasn't an option. What happend to the late nights, the long talks, the beach walks, the snow fights, the love that you had for me? Where did it go? She's so much better. She deserves you, she better treat you right, she can't look in those beautiful brown eyes and not see paradise.  She's lucky. She took him quicker than I planned, I kenw it was coming, but I had no idea I'd lose him that fast. She was the cheerleading captian, I was the Math teem coach. I guess she was smarter because she had the looks, the whole package. That's it, his clothes, his letters, his old memories are wrapped up into a little package, that'd I'd never be able to open again. It's locked up, into one little box. I don't want him anymore. Just kidding, I absolutely need him.

"Honesty, a strong hope, a weak promise."
The one thing I want, the one thing I asked for, the one thing my heart desires.
What's so important about her?
Why does she matter?
How does she make you happy?

Why do you need her?
She's eveything I wish I was.
[[No! No more.]]

Time for me to be happy.
 No more thinking I'm not good enough.
No more thinking I'm not beautiful.
I fell so hard for you.
I let you put me down.
 I allowed you to lie to me.
 I allowed you to destroy me.
No more because today's the day
I'm telling myself I'm beautiful,

[[and out.]]