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Quotes by KeepTheMemoriesAndNeverForget

"Why do you have scars?"

-"I've been Fighting."

"Who agasint?"


The girl introduced herself, and after a few minutes of awkward small talk, Rex looked her in the eyes and asked permission to give her a nickname. He'd given nearly everyone he knew a nickname.
"I guess," she said, gathering and tucking a lock of her hair behind her ear.
She laughed, "Sparks?"
"Sparks. Because that's what I see all around you."

-The Seventeen Second Miracle

Smile Today.

It Looks Nice

On You.


Those three words,
Are said too much.
They're not enough.


Roses are red, violets are blue,
Sugar is sweet and perhaps so are you.
But the roses have wilted, the violets are dead
The sugar bowl's empty, your wrists are stained red.
The sun isn't shining, the sky isn't clear;
There is no silver lining cause you're no longer here.
Rain keeps on pouring, there's no end in sight,
You're laying there frozen, so far from the light.
Your beauty's unreal, your smile the sun,
But time can't be turned nor your actions undone.
The words that you wrote that only I read,
'I love you so much; please don't cry when I'm dead.'
A bond that we formed, a love that ran deep,
A pain that we shared; a friend I could keep.
I wanted to hold you, wipe the tears from your eyes;
Been there a moment you said your goodbye.
I want to forget but most times I don't.
I want to let go, but I know that I won't.
Tears on my face, memories burned in my head;
The roses have wilted, the violets are dead.



Now I'll   U  R  E  N  D  E 
Up my heart
&  S w a p   it for your's.


Chin up, beautiful.
Cause they hate to see you succeed.


+& We're all a litle addicted to something that takes the pain away.


Would you date someone with self-harm scars?


I remember there was a time...
You were my Sunday aftrenoon.
A breezy bike ride in Central Park,
A sun drenched picnic in June.

You were my favorite book,
The song I sang in my sleep.
That comfy old hoodie...
You adored but let me keep.

But our world became cold
& You pushed yourself away.
I lost a little piece of you..
With every passing day.

But you were a wildfire
Never to be tamed.
I was a fragile sapling...
That would never be the same.

Now you're in the silence,
Every empty glass of whiskey.
& I replay that drunk voicemail...
When you said that you missed me.

But time heals all wounds
Ones that burn,
Ones that bleed.
And this lonely scar..
Is exactly what I need.