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Hi I'm Gia. I'm 13. I love to talk so hmu :
>>>My advice to absolutely anyone?<<< 

Forget haters. Screw women. Live for NOW! Text him first. Raise your hand in class. Make an effort. Do something you love no matter who's around to witness it. Kill 'em with kindness. Make a list of stupid, useless, and idiotic things and do them all. Eat as much ice cream as you can, go to bed, and wake up the next day and run. Try out for a sport, even if you aren't good at it. Talk to a random kid. Make a new friend. Make spontanious plans. Sleep all day. Stay up for 24 consecutive hours. Make a list
of all the things you love in life, from family down to ice cream. Run down the street screaming YOLO just to piss off the neighbors. Don't wear ANY make up whatsoever. Go to school in sweatpants and a tee shirt, with sneakers and your hair pulled back. Do stupid stuff like this and not care, because these are the things you'll remember. Live life large. When you're old you'll be able to say "That was so stupid" instead of "I wish I did that". Have fun with life and just for a day, forget him, or the "friend" who stabbed you in the back. Forget your problems and take a day for yourself. It's well deserved. YOLO.

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My friend (AllyReneexD) and I are making today the national "Youtube/Funny GIF/Computer Sht Day!"

To start off your new holiday celebrations, check these out:

Seriously, spread the news guys, we all do it all day everyday anyway, NATIONAL HOLIDAY HERE WE COME!

Cause nobody's going to save, somebody who won't change

I wanna guy who knows me
my flaws
my secrets
can name all my weird little habits
will kiss me cuz I'm talking too much
teases me
flirts nonstop
tells me I'm beautiful just out of the blue
and fights when I say I'm not

I wanna guy who loves me
Me: I'm sorry I don't fit in with you're definitions--
Me: JUST KIDDING I don't care get out of my face unless you have food..

too true :D

One day I'm gonna forget your name
One sweet day you're gonna drown in my lost pain



>>>Don't sweat the mistakes<<<
I hate everything about you!!
....Why do I love you?

Maybe without me you'll return to all the beauty I once knew,
But if I stay I know we will both be drowned by your holding onto me....

If you don't talk to him..
You can't like him..
You don't even know him..