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Quotes by akatsukiiprincess*

No matter how long it rains, the sun will always come back out. [❤]
Just put on a smile, say that your fine & no one will ever know what your trying so hard not to show.. ❤
I love hearing your thought process, especially when it's about me... Makes me feel like I'm inside your head. [❤}
That awkward moment
when your mom tells you that she's
gonna put you on birth control o.o
"Who's to say that tomorrow won't be the best time of your life ??"

Uhmm, reality ! >_>
Stay Motivated ! ❤
Let's just go back, back to where it all began. Let's start over, before loved ones died, before close ones cried.. Back to the time when everything was okay, back when there was always something to say.

The words have been spoken, the tears have been cried, I have nothing left but just an ounce of my pride..
&Hopefully someday soon the memories will all just be a blur, Every second I spent on you, will mean no more. You had my heart, my all.. Now your nothing more than writing on the wall.. I gave you everything I had, now I just wish you would feel sad.. Just an ounce of what I have to live with everyday, then maybe this will all just go away.. You used to consume my heart, now I cant wait for us to part. No more lies, no more games, I'm taking down every memory of you thats captured in frames.
The moment when you physically say the letters "LOL" with a dead straight face rather than just laughing o.o
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