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After a girl gets out of a toxic relationship, she's single for a long time. At first, it's lonely in the begining, it's hard. For a little while it even hurts. But after a certain amount of time, she embraces being single and finds it empowering knowing that she doesn't need a man to be happy. But once a girl gets comfortable with being single, it's hard for her to be mentally attracted to anyone. Once a girl gets familiar with being on her own, it's hard for her to be emotionally connected to anyone. Once a girl gets used to taking care of herself, it's hard for her to be dependent on anyone. The reason behind that is, she's not trying to go back to that dark place she was in before, she's not trying to waste her time on a guy who's gonna turn out to be undeserving, and she's not trying to end up with the wrong one. She's spent a lot of time detoxifying herself and finding herself again and the last thing she needs is for another toxic guy to come along and cause her to lose herself again. So yeah , it may require extra attention, it may require effort , and it may require time but if you somehow manage to get her to not want to be single anymore, then you're gonna get a girl who's whole again, who's secure enough, and who's ready to love and be loved again.  

We were all kids once. I remember everything about this site. This was my home back then. My comfort. My nostalgia. So many parts of me are scattered around this site. I remember exactly how attached I was. How this was my introduction to creative outlets, socialization, coding — all the skills and emotions this place has invoked. I am reminded of the past. This is my machine back to feel the memories in real time. I always come back here. All roads lead back here.

We were kids once. We were kids together.
Now I'm 20.

It's scary to see how much has changed and also nothing has changed. 
if you told me this year I'd lose my comfort job 
if you told me this year I'd lose my best friend  
if you told me this year I'd lose myself 
I wouldn't believe you. 
I don't know where to go from here. 
Sometimes the good things fall apart,
So the better things can fall together

And no one will know, just how close I was to ending it right then and there. Knife to my wrist. You don't even know. But would you even care? 

I've told myself so many times to stop making homes out of people because I'd only end up cold and alone when they leave. But i was so sure you'd stay.But you didnt and now I'm feeling homesick for a home that was never even mine to begin with.



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​Its been two years now, and it stills hearts as much as it did back then, but part of me is asking, why do ypu greave so much for a person you barely new? Then my mind says, but he was your grandfather why wouldn't you greave about his death? And while trying to figure all this and more out it just keeps on hurting, and whenever I'm able to get my mind off of that t goes to thinking about ​Her ​and the aching just starts all over again, when will this ever stop?
I'm not looking for somebody with some superhuman gifts, some superhero, some fairytail bliss, just something I can turn to, sombody I can kiss

hard to explain,hard too show. i guess ill just say i dont know you and let it go...