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Hi, I'm Kelsey, and I'm gonna keep this short.I'm always here if you need to vent.I have oovoo, skype and tumblr.If you ask, I will give them to you.

Quotes by Kelseymikayla13

                             The most artistic and intelligent people are often the craziest.

                     When you're in love, everything about your partner is perfect.

All I want is to finally feel like I'm good enough


Who are you to judge me for the decisions I make?


for you, she was a chapter. for her, you were the book.


When a guy can handle your flaws, love you on your moody days and kiss you when you don’t look great,
he’s worth it.


Just fake a smile and move on

My dreams tell me secrets 

My mind tells me lies 

My heart screams for help 

My eyes only cry

           "I'm never going to show you how broken I am inside.
I am never going to show you how I need you in my life.
You'll never hear me say that I miss you or find out that you're the reason that I cry. You'll never catch me.. because you'll never see me fall.
I'm just going to keep everything inside and smile through all the pain..
and even though I'm breaking down I'll always manage to stay sane.
I'll never show you what you want to see.
I'm never going to let you see through me."

I'm tired of  smiling when I'm sad

I'm tired of laughing when I'm mad

I'm tired of hiding the real me; 

but I'm too scared of what others will see