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Pαul, I love you.

α sмile ιs α cuяvє тнaт sєтs єνєяутнιиg sтяαιgнт. ♥

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So I'm looking at my pokes on facebook.
And I see that the creeper keeps poking me ;

^ilml <3

A smile is a curve that sets everything straight. ♥ 

; i love this kid
- we were supposed to go to the movies today - it snowed.
- we tried to video chat tonight -
my Internet is messed up.
- he was upset - he couldn't see my "beautiful" face.
- he told me to be happy even though we were apart.
- Someone started drama with me, I told him -
didn't say the name.
- His advice back to me:
1) i love you 2) dont let someone put your mood down cuz they dont know how to act 3) i love you 4) your amazing 5) i love you anddddd 6).......i love you
- Minutes later the person said they were only kidding
- He knew exactly what who I meant
- He makes me smile ;
 i love this kid

confession ; we're not going out
^everyone thinks we
should be. <3

I am fourteen.
I do watch Disney Channel.
I do listen to Hannah Montana, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, and Taylor Swift.
I do act like a four year old.
I am a very short person.
If I'm not paying attention in class, its usually a boy's fault.
I have a lot of drama, and express my feelings through music.
I am me. & I am proud.

Think what you want about me, it doesn't matter.
Last time I checked shows, music, clothes, and height didn't make a person.
Judge me if you want, I won't change to make anyone happy.

 There is always that one person that you finally get rid of ;;
and they find a way back into your life and your like
"damn.. didn't I just get rid of you?"

Noi balliamo, loro cantano. ♥
(we dance, they sing. )

guys that I really like send me mixed signals. Bro, you either
like me, or you don't. Make up your mind please. (:

talking to him:
type. type. type. type. type. type. type. type. -reread. <<<<<<<<<<BACKSPACE.
rewrite: type. type. type. type. type. -reread. <<<<<<<<<<BACKSPACE.
rewrite: type. type. type. -reread. >>>>>>>>>>ENTER.

Isn't it funny how we wanna say so much, but don't know how to?

is for you to realize that she knows NOTHING about you. She didn't even know that you had a twin brother.
She's not only "pretty & smart" shes also annoying and my close, close friend. And she doesn't realize how
amazing you really are. I bet she doesn't know the color of your eyes, the dark brown that makes me melt.
She can't see that amazing smile you have, the one that gives me butterflies, even your name gives does...
When did you actually get to hang out with her? Never. You hang out with me a lot. We have the best time.
We play basket ball, just like I promised I would play this time. You said "I'll go easy on you." and you  let
me win. And you would say "I'm getting beat by a girl, how embarrassing." And than your laugh, its so cute.
I always have to laugh when you do, its so contagious. I really like you boy, why can't you see that I know
more about you than she ever will? I have liked you for awhile. She barely knows who you are. Please, notice.