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Name: Kendall-Claire
Age: 14
Birhtday: December 13, 1997
Grade: 8
Location: On Earth
Sports: Softball (second base and pitcher)
Pets: Fish named Twilight
Relationship Status: Single and ready to mingle
Hobbies: Text like its my job, reading, hanging with friends, sleeping, and eating
Fave artisits: Rhianna, Eminem, Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga, MICHAEL JACKSON, Adele, Adam Lambert, ONE DIRECTION♥
Fave Athletes: Jennie Finch, Nate Robinson, Kevin Garnett, Andrew Campbell, Kevin Westgarth
Fave food: Pizza or Pasta
Fave Subject in school: Lunch/Recess
Fave Movies: Twilight (all), HARRY POTTER, Parents Retreat, Grown Ups, Just Go With It 
Cell Phone: Intensity II
Description: Happy-go-Lucky, looking for the brighter side of everything, funny, sporty, many friends, caring, honor student

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hope ya"ll liked those pics ^^^^^^up there.......<3

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OneDirectionQuotes 9 years ago
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Kendall-Claire Payne & Kendall Claire Brooks :) xx
beary0630 9 years ago
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Hello! Here’s your fanfic!! Sorry it took so long I’ve got loads to do!! Hope you enjoy!!

It’s Saturday afternoon and you are listening to your local radio station. Last week, you entered a contest to win a Skype session with Harry on your webcam. At 1 PM sharp they are announcing who the winner is right after they play What Makes You Beautiful. When the song comes on you dance around your room. You are so anxious to know the winner, you just can’t sit still for another second! When the song ends the announcer starts reading the names of the other girls who will get to chat with Zayn, Niall, Liam and Louis. And then he says, “And the last winner who will get to chat with Harry is Kendall !” You can not believe what just happened! You are actually going to get to talk to Harry Styles face to face over Skype! After you hear your name your cell phone rings and it’s the radio station calling with the details. You will get to talk to Harry tomorrow night! You spend the rest of Saturday and Sunday getting ready and preparing what things you will say to him. When it’s time to go on, you get your laptop and open Skype. You can’t believe it! After a minute Harry pops on the screen and he can see you! He greets you by saying, “Hey, Kendall ! It’s Harry from One Direction. How are you doing?” It takes you a few seconds before you can reply because you are so starstruck! “Hi Harry! I’m going great! How are you?” “I’m doing well,” he replies in his cute British accent. You sit there talking for awhile asking him general questions about being in 1D and random things about himself. Your session is only supposed to last a half hour, but you notice that it’s almost been forty-five minutes! Harry gives you a super sweet smile. “Hey, I’ve been meaning to tell you this the whole night. You seem like such a sweet girl and I think you are so beautiful! I don’t think I’ve ever said that to a fan before!” This makes you blush. “Are you serious?” you ask. “Yeah, I am. You are so gorgeous.” He giggles a little. “Actually Kendall , would you want to meet in person some time? We are going to be in your area next week for a concert and I’d really like to see you.” He says. “Um, yeah that’d be great!” The two of you say your goodbyes and you plan to meet at a nearby candy store next week. That night you can’t sleep because you have too many butterflies in your stomach. The week passed slowly but when it was time to meet Harry you could barely breathe. When you got to the shop, Harry was sitting on a bench inside. “You look lovely!” He said as he took your hand. “Thanks,” you said as you blushed. The two of you walked around for awhile. “I bet all this candy in the store isn’t as sweet as you.” He said. You smile and are about to thank him when he leans in and kisses you. After this date the two of you decide that you’d love to go steady. You manage a long distance relationship until summer when you get to spend all of your time with him when he’s off from touring. After a few years he proposes to you in the same candy shop where you had your first date. You live happily together forever and have to children together. The End.
Kendo 9 years ago
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~read ♥ reply ♥ kiss it good-bye~
thegirllikesmusic 9 years ago
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Fanfic for:Kendo
You were running down the beach, away from Zayn, your bestest friend in the whole wide world! You slowed down to catch your breath to only be tackled down in the sand, Zayn's body overpowering you.
"Now, Kendall, are you going to give me back my mirror?"
You shake your head, trying not to laugh.
"Well, I guess we have a problem. Maybe getting tickled will help!'
He begins tickling you until you are crying.
You say, in between breathes. You take the mirror from your back pocket and giving it to him.
"Mirror! Did she do anything to do?!"
You're still laughing when Zayn comes over to you.
You sit up,
You can tell he's upset about something.
"Okay. No matter how funny this sounds, don't laugh."
"Kendall. I've liked you for awhile now. I first knew when I was talking to you about that break up. You were there for me. The more we hung out, the more I fell for you. I've never liked someone this much before. I love you Kendall! I probably sound so stupid and probably never should've done this. Why do I have to be-"
You cut him off by giving him a kiss. The one you know he's been waiting for forever.
"I love you too, Zayn."

I hope you liked! (:

inspireee 9 years ago
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You're really pretty (:
americanpanda 9 years ago
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Alrighty I'm going to try to make this unforgettable haha. You are my best friend, always knowing what to say when to say it. Although weve fought a lot in the past, it's just brought us closer as friends now. I trust you and I'm so happy that you trust me. I remember all the times we made up games and played basketball and cleaned the stairs while a accidenlty scraping off the paint on the walls and afterschool. You aren't afraid to be you, and no matter what anyone ever says, you are beautiful and talented and the best friend anyone could ask for. I hope we can hang out more often, we don't get to see eachother outside of school much, and when we do hang out, it's always wicked fun. You need to come to my 4th party to meet Aaron and sleep over my lakehouse and we need to go places and I'm going to miss you most of all when I leave pma! You and Alena!!!! You guys are like two peas inna pod! :D trust me when I say I never ever want to lose you as a friend! :)
iluvTea98 9 years ago
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Kendall i
Kendall is
Kendall is g
Kendall is go
Kendall is gor
Kendall is gorg
Kendall is gorge
Kendall is gorgeo
Kendall is gorgeou
Kendall is gorgeous.
Confessions_of_a_dancer 9 years ago
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ill accept that challenge. first off, i think youre really seem super nice and i really like your quotes..i love the pics you took of yourself above the comment box and i think that you should always keep your head up and never feel bad about yourself because youre beautiful :)
browneyegirl29 9 years ago
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BEAUTIFUL PERSON AWARD! Once you have been given this award, you are supposed to paste it in the ask of 8 people who deserve it. If you break the chain nothing will happen, but it’s always sweet to know that someone thinks you’re beautiful inside and out. I love you,don't forget to love yourself too, beautiful, please smile :)
juicystar1997 9 years ago
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Thank you.... I will miss you so much next year too.... The only person I will know is the guieds!!!! (Nathan)you are beautiful and amazing and a great friend...
Don't delete this.....