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I dont come on here anymore lol 

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Happy Birthday Demi
 She's such an inspiriation to me. She's an inspiriation to everyone.I'm glad there's someone like her around. Happy 20th birthday Demi.♥


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Is what gives you wisdom



National Suicide Prevention Hotline

favorite, repost, anything.
you could save someone's life.

Just because i laugh a lot, 
doesn't mean my life is easy.
J u s t b e c a u s e  
>>{ I have a smile on my faace everyday }<<
doesn't mean something isn't bothering me
every new moment give me a chance to renew

I choose to be that.


"i don't think i was ever...

trying to kill myself,

but i knew if i'd ever gone too far,

I wouldn't care"


-Demi Lovato

Didn't like her . 
wish yoliked


2010: You're only cool if you got silly bandz
2011: Planking is BOSS

2012: Hey guys lets go choke on cinnamon!


Just because
Her eyes don't  tear doesn't mean her heart doesn't cry
Just because she comes off stong, doesn't mean that there is something wrong.

Trying to itch your foot ,
But then
Tickling it instead . 

Learn from yesterday ,

                          Live for today , Hope for tomorrow, 

                                                      ////  But never stop questiong  //// 

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